This year students have worked to earn Rattler stickers for appropriate behavior and academic effort. Student that have earned 4 tickets are awarded a Rattler T shirt. Congratulations! Your effort has paid off.
2 months ago, Superintendent Cox
Rattlers show their PRIDE!
Due to COVID-19 SCHOOL IS CLOSED UNTIL JANUARY 4, 2021. No ON-LINE learning. No hay esculent haste Enero 4,2021. Ni en computadora tampoco.
6 months ago, Superintendent Cox
Check out the new scooters! These will be fun!
8 months ago, Superintendent Cox
New PE Equipment
We're very excited to share our new website and app.
11 months ago, Roosevelt School District
Person holding a smartphone
Roosevelt School District is a Bully-Free Zone!
11 months ago, Roosevelt School District
Be A Friend, Not A Bully!